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The experienced design team at Marget Engineering offers our clients the opportunity to utilise the latest in design technology using the C.S.I.R.O. CAD system for tool design. We also offer experienced advice on product design, keeping the many advantages of the diecasting process in mind. This service is an essential part of our ability to offer cost-effective tooling with optimum production capability and exacting quality at competitive prices.

CAD systems for tool design - Pic 1   CAD systems for tool design - Pic 2


Stringent quality standards when developing die construction specifications

At Marget Engineering we can develop die designs and assist clients with the design of their components. In this way, we can identify and detect - at an early stage - any potential design flaws that may adversely affect the manufacturing and overall product costs.

We follow a stringent quality standard when developing our die construction specifications. A significant number of dies are manufactured by our in-house tooling facility. We quality assure all new dies. This whole process maintains that your product is designed and built to the highest quality standards in a cost-efficient manner. Our in-house tooling facilities allows Marget to diligently manage the maintenance and repair of all tooling.



Pressure die casting is an extremely efficient and economical method of producing components.

It is the shortest route from raw material to finished product. We can show buyers, designers and production engineers the many advantages of the process compared to other methods of production.

1050 tonne zinc pressure die casting machine - Pic 1   1050 tonne zinc pressure die casting machine - Pic 2

A single die casting can often replace several assemblies and operations, reducing costs and greatly improving quality. Our expertise and experience in the process allows us to provide this service, one that is utilised extensively by our customers. All die castings are produced in a controlled environment where processes are monitored at the machine level. Modern, state of the art die casting and ancilliary equipment allows Marget to manufacture castings to an exacting standard and to specified quality requirements.


Pressure Die Casting Capacity


  50 tonne to 150 tonne 
  125 tonne to 500 tonne 



Marget Engineering can offer a total package, from casting through to finished product if required. These services include:

  • handpolished or vibratory deburring of castings
  • all forms of machining
  • coated finishes including electro-plated and powder coated finishes.


Where required, we can offer an assembly service ranging from simple casting assembly to the more complex subassembly that incorporates the customer's own materials or subcomponents.


Customers may choose a packaging solution for their finished products that meets their distribution requirements. A range of packaging configurations are available, including individual blister and display packaging of end products.

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